Children of the Americas

On the fringes of poverty

Poverty is recognized by the United Nations as the single largest obstacle in protecting and promoting the rights of children. It affects not only their potential for development but perpetuates a vicious circle of social exclusion. The latter is most visible in societies where the difference between rich and poor are the greatest.

Latin America is a perfect example. It is a continent scarred by social unrest and armed conflict along vast ideological divides. Its modern history is marked by military dictatorships, foreign interventions, and revolutions that have all rippled through generations. Reconciling with the past has been a painstakingly slow process and in many countries of the Americas grievances are yet to be properly resolved.

"Children of the Americas" is a series of portraits that document the children on the fringes of development, whose lives have been marked by endemic poverty, the lack of stability and security. The photos were taken while Fallckolm Cuenca was working at the United Nations Development Programme in Central America. The project was exhibited in Stockholm between 2007 and 2009.

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