"I created the first website in 2012 out of the necessity to showcase my own photography - little did I know..."

All websites start at a fixed price for basic functionality. More complex functions are subject to separate agreements and prices. While photography is an integral part of the visual appeal of all online content - you can chose to use your own images or reimagine your online profile entirely. See below for more info about prices, terms and conditions.

Custom Design

A uniform and coherent company profile is what makes your brand stand out - it reflects who you are. Your existing company profile can either be integrated or reinvented - would your heart so desire! Integrating your existing profile on the web has never been easier. Alternatively, tailor a company profile that tells your story!

Resonsive Functionality

With the dawn of smartphones, websites were faced with a new challenge - to look as good as they could while serving your need to be seen and recognised. Many compromised mobile functionality for aesthetic appeal but you don’t have to! Keeping it simple and clean is the new sexy on desktops and mobile devises alike!

Product Photography

Is your website like a home decorated with family photos of people you have no relation to? Are you still relying on stock photography to convey your message? They will never look as good as you do! We all know a stock photography when we see it and you should treat yourself and your brand to the visual appeal it deserves!



the development

Your project is available on the client space at during development. Maximum one month and subject to timely delivery of materials by the client or otherwise agreed.

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