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Fallckolm's work as a documentary and commercial photographer bears witness of a passion for capturing photos that appeal to the pallet of emotions that make us human.

Since 2003, when he bought his first Digital SLR, he has worked in the Middle East, Latin America, Central and Eastern Asia, Western Africa as well as the Caucasus. The camera has not only been a creative outlet but also an increasingly important companion in a perceived need to keep the world close. Most importantly, photography has become an excellent vehicle for documenting the things he feels strongly about - his development and humanitarian work.

The people in the pictures are real. This to him is the most important aspect of his photography.

of people & places

"…they share the same basic aspirations and needs as I do regardless of which part of the world they live in. Some of them I had a chance to get to now, while other were just kind enough to share with me a slight moment of their life. Still, I have always been a bystander and I really want to thank them all for allowing me to be that."

clients & assignments

Sustainable Development Group International
European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia
European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan
United Nations Development Programme
Folke Bernadotte Academy
Professionals in Humanitarian Action & Protection
Swedish National Defence College
Crisis Management Centre Finland
Advokatfirman Pantzar
Maison de la Gare
SOLA School of Leadership Afghanistan
Deeda Productions
Fria Tidningen
LR Revision
Er Buco/ Sotto Zero
Karner Perrelli Vocals
Karolina Karner
Four on the Floor
La Vida Laser Clinic


Graduates the American University of Paris (AUP) with a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and Politics.


Works as an assistant to the Permanent Mission of Peru to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, Geneva


Graduates from Stockholm University with a Master in International Relations.


Purchases his first DSLR camera and spends a lot of time walking the streets of Paris and Brussels learning about photography.


Graduates from Brussels School of International Studies, Belgium with an LL.M in International Law.


Works as a Liaison Officer from Brussels for MedBridge Strategy Center. Tavels to Israel and Palestine accompaigning a delegation of European Parliamentarians.


Moves to Panama and starts working with the United Nation Regional Office as a Knowledge Management Consultant.


Moves to Sweden and sets up Sustainable Development Group International (SDGI) and SDGI Consulting- Sweden. Travels, among other countries, extensively to Senegal while documenting the lives of children known as Talibés.


Moves to Afghanistan. Starts working as a Rule of Law Justice Training Expert with the European Union Police Missions in Afghanistan.


Analysis and Reporting Officer, European Union Police Mission (EUPOL), Kabul


Moves back to Stockholm, Sweden and resumes work as Human Rights and Development Expert with SDGI Consulting - Sweden.


Moves to Georgia to work as a Human Security Monitor with the European Union Monitoring Mission, Georgia


Moves to Stockholm, Sweden. Starts working as a Rule of Law Desk Officer with The Folke Bernadotte Academy.